New car delivery checklist

Buying a new car is an exciting process and excitement level is on new level. Either you are going to buy first time or 2nd time. Happiness and excitement at different level.  Quite understandably, in the excitement of acquiring the keys to a new set of wheels, buyers tend to rush through the sign-off process, it is important to inspect the car thoroughly and ensure that the exteriors and interiors are all in well condition.


Often, a new car could get damaged while it is being transported from the manufacturer’s factory to the dealer’s stockyard. And it is not uncommon for some dealers to use new vehicles as ‘demo cars’ by disconnecting the meter and last but not to forget, manufacturing defects.

Here is the elitecar’s specialist check point before buying a new car

  • The exhaust should not emit any smoke at start up.
  • Check the exteriors thoroughly for any signs of damage like dents, scrapes or dimples.
  • Check the tyre’s condition with other same module car in the showroom.
  • Air flow at the vent should be ice-cold and without any odour.
  • Check if all the lights are working fine.
  • Don’t forget to take a test drive. The steering should work smoothly.
  • Odometer reading should be approximate 150 KM
  • Check the ‘Form 22’ to confirm the manufacturing month and year.
  • Check the seats and side pocket, no wear and tear
  • Open the bonnet and check there should no greasy prints

You get only one chance to see if there are any fundamental issues with your car. Make the most of it and do a thorough job. Make a checklist, be methodical and don’t get distracted. You can always celebrate the purchase later. And don’t forget to get any of the faults that you might see, noted down, signed and duly acknowledged by the dealer.

Remember to take this checklist with you when you go to take delivery of your dream new car.